Tuesday, June 9, 2015


 The pictures do not come close to giving 
justice to the "Kenyan Big Sky Country".  
The cloud formations are amazing and change so quickly.
We would love to capture
the sounds of the powerful rolling thunder 
and let you hear that along with the downpour of rain.
We love the diversity of the landscapes!

Lake Victoria in the background.

Kisumu skyline.

Elder Tarzan and Sister Jane
 swinging in for a landing.  Love these vines!!!

Mission Calls


It has been such a special experience to teach these wonderful young people
and actually be there as they have opened their mission calls.
 Some have sat with their unopened calls on their laps and
bowed their head in prayer before opening up the call.
We are so short on missionaries in the Kenya Nairobi Mission that we have
anticipated each of the calls being to the KNM.  As you will see, these wonderful young people
have been called to serve in many different places throughout the world.

Their commitment to serve the Lord is real and their enthusiasm shines in their faces.
Their desire to "go where you want me to go" is very sincere!
We had no idea how much it would tug at our heart strings as we sent them off!
The work of the Lord is moving forward!
Godfrey Vidonyi

Two mission calls on the same day!

Steven Boaz 

Elder Steven Boaz and Elder Godfrey Vidonyi
November 2014

Eldorette ZC May 2015
It was wonderful to see Elder Vidonyi and be with him at Zone Conference!

We were able to see Elder Boaz at the Mission Office in Nairobi June, 2015.

Elder Wilson John Oketch
Democratic Republic of the Congo Lubumbashi French Speaking
January 2015

Sister Linda Mwaloh
Uganda Kampala Mission
April 2015

Elder Daniel Agai Njonga
Zimbabwe Harare Mission
April 2015

Elder Davis Odhiamabo
West Indies Mission
Changed to Bridgeport Barbados
May 2015

Jared and Janica's family greeted Elder Odhiambo and Elder Mutuku at the SL airport,
took them to Temple Square and to dinner before taking them to the Provo MTC.
Syd wanted to sign up to do this each week!

Fleuret Odunga
Zimbabwe Harare
May 2015

Elder Samuel Omondi
England Leeds Mission
June 2015

Lillian is another special Missionary that we have come to love as well.
She is from Eldorette (3 hours away).
"Circumstances" have brought us together SOOO many times.
 Lillian leaves for Ghana June 2015.

  Victor and Vivian's Mission Calls came on the same day!!!
Victor Sempa
Cape Coast Ghana
July 2015

Vivian Salome
Uganda Kampala
August 2015

Jenkins Tillan Apouyo
Kenya Nairobi Mission
August 20, 2015

Janet, Jenkins & Zadok

Grace Amondi Were
Kenya Nairobi Mission
October 1, 2015

Stephen Gweth
Kenya Nairobi Mission
November 12, 2015

Stephen set apart as a missionary

Cape Coast Ghana
November 26, 2015

Sister Violet
Kenya Nairobi Mission
December 22, 2015

President Chirchir, Jarimogi Oching,  Elder Otika, Sister Violent Ndonga and the Horner's
This was our last trip to Eldorette to take a missionary to be set apart.
This has been such a special part of our mission experience.
Pres. Chirchir of the Kenya Nairobi Mission has become such a dear friend.
We appreciate his love and service.