Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Saturday, August 15, 2015

This was the most successful MHH Kisumu Kenya Branch has ever had in terms of the numbers attending, work completed, and missionary opportunities. Members and nonmembers, young and old alike worked together in a united effort to accomplish the task. The Manyatta Peace Market looked different after this successful activity. There was much appreciation expressed by the residents, vendors and Opinion Leaders as well!

Our awesome hardworking Missionaries
Elder Wafula, Elder Anderson and Elder Kogo.

The Manyatta slum is home to 
many of our Kisumu Branch Members. 

There were many missionary opportunities!

President Okila with the Opinion Leaders.
(Political Leaders of this community)

These are a few pictures showing what is sold
in this market area. This little girl loved having her picture taken!

Omena (tiny fish) are daily harvested from Lake Victoria.
They are put on the mats to dry.

We had more than 130 volunteers.
Many Helping Hands make light work!

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