Friday, December 4, 2015

Johannesburg Temple Dec 2015

Johannesburg Temple December 2015
Kisumu and Busia Kenya Branches 

Our hearts are full of gratitude for the many tender mercies that allowed this wonderful
group of people to experience their temple blessings.  
We are witness to many miracles along this long road to the temple.  
The most sacred and memorable part of this experience cannot be captured with a camera.  
The saving ordinances of the temple have changed hearts and lives.
We feel so blessed to know and love these dear people.   
We have new appreciation for what it takes to go to the temple 
when there is not a temple in your country.  
These people are pioneers!
Heavenly Father loves his pioneers!
Our lives will never be the same!

We are on our way back up to the temple.
Some are still at the temple completing baptisms for their ancestors.

   Pictures of the temple grounds

Most of these pictures were taken at the Kisum Airport as we were beginning our trip.
This captures the 11 Kenyan families who participated. 

President Francis and Robai
They were our wonderful support couple who came to help with translation.

Dennis, Mourine, Peter and James 

Asha, John and Ibrahim

Ritah, Justin and Prudence

Emily and Smith

Nixon, Everlyne, Jackson, Scholastica
Williamson, Melyn, Lucky

Ivy Ann, Eliud, Joyce, Carol, Tricia



We arrived in Nairobi at 9:00 am.
We were waiting on the covered curb waiting for their passports
and visa's to be delivered from the Center so we could check in.
The police were annoyed with the size of the group and 
made us move across the road.

We moved across the street and tried to find some shade.

We rejoiced as Sister Mary, David and Newton arrived at the Nairobi Airport!
They arrived about 2:00.
Their visa's had LITERALLY just been granted and they were able to go with this group.
We had faith they would come through, but, it was literally down to the very last moment
when the stamp of approval was given.
They came to the airport bringing all the other passports as well. 
Now we were able to enter the airport and check in.
Evans, Christine and baby Elizabeth were with them.

Newton, Mary and David

Evans, Christine and adorable little Elizabeth

We arrived at our destination places in Johannesburg about 8:00 pm Monday evening.
We stayed with Elder and Sister Turnbow.  They took such good care of us!
They took us to a wonderful Italian Restaurant.  
The owner came and talked to us and showed us family pictures.  
One was a picture of Mandella and her late husband. 
We loved visiting with her and we really loved to hear her Italian accent!

We were so happy to meet Brother Sandile on Tuesday morning.
He is the one we worked with to coordinate our trip to Johannesburg.
He is over church transportation in the South East Africa Area.

 We went to the Family History Center to enter the names of deceased family members 
and ancestors in order to do their temple ordinances.
The spirit was felt in this sacred place!
Many of these people shared testimony building experiences that took
place in this room.  We have gratitude for the patient loving missionaries
who guided our branch members through this process.  

This couple is preparing the documents to have their three deceased children sealed to them.

The children were in heaven as they played with toys they had never seen before.

One of our sisters did not receive permission from her husband to come to the temple.
Sunday evening, she asked Sister Horner to do the work for her deceased daughter.
The computers were down and then we had trouble getting into the right account.
There was reason to rejoice when the paper was printed out to do Kate's temple ordinances.

The Distribution Center had some small Christmas Trees with lights.
Most of our brothers and sisters do not have electricity in their homes and the
beautiful trees were exciting for them to see.

Sister Robai wanted her picture taken with the flowers.

Ivy Ann was baptized for her mother.

Precious little Elizabeth!

Meals were provided in the cafeteria.
This was a new experience especially for the children
as they were not familiar with this kind of food.

The building in the background is called the Gate House.
This is where the children stay while their parents are doing 
the ordinances in preparation for the sealings.

Sister Emily and Smith. 
Christine, Evans and Elizabeth

The time went SOOO quickly.  It's time to go back to Kenya.
It's EARLY in the morning and we are getting ready to go to the airport.
Those who were staying at another location had not arrived but we 
wanted to get another picture while we had these people together.
Everyone here is happy but soooo tired!
It has been a busy wonderful 2 day life changing experience.
Eternal Life Changing is a better description.  

Loading up in the vans to go to the airport.

The sisters were in awe at the size and cleanliness of the airport.
It was virtually empty except for our group and we loaded at
the very end gate. 

Seeing the planes so close was fascinating for our group! 
They wanted pictures taken even though it only showed an outline of their faces.

We have countless opportunities to share the gospel!
Sister Horner had a special sharing experience on the way to South Africa.
Elder Horner had a great opportunity to share the gospel leaving the Johannesburg Airport!
Elder Horner came home to Kisumu and 
called our missionaries in Mombassa with a referral.

We arrived in Nairobi and had to change terminals.

Heavenly Father loves ALL of his children and he has made it 
possible to live with him and our Savior Jesus Christ
through the saving ordinances of the temple.

...he inviteth them all to come unto him and partake of his goodness; 
and he denieth none that come unto him, 
black and white, bond and free, male and female...  2 Nephi 26:33


  1. Wow! This is amazing! What a beautiful experience for you and all these wonderful people.

  2. What a wonderful experience for you! We love Temple Work and miss being in the Freiberg Temple with all of the sweet members from all over Eastern Europe. They are such an inspiration to all of us. .