Saturday, July 12, 2014

 MTC July 7-11, 2014

We received an e-mail from the Kenya Nairobi Mission office on July 4th saying, "We regret that we did not receive your Special Passes in time for your MTC entry this Monday.”  WOW!  We were SO disappointed!!!  We spoke with our Stake President and he said to follow the council even though they indicated that the papers were approved and just waiting to be printed.  Sunday morning July 6th we called our family and told them we would not be set apart that day.  Later on Sunday our Stake Pres decided to call Salt Lake and had a 3 way conversation with the MTC Pres.  It was determined that we should go to the MTC and hope the papers came through.  We are thankful for inspired leaders!  We called our children and they came for our setting apart.  We entered the MTC Monday July 7th.   Thurs July 10 just as we were leaving the MTC we received word that our special entrance pass had been printed and was in hand. We received our tickets and will be leaving as scheduled Monday July 14th for Kenya.

The MTC is an amazing wonderful place of learning!  Our testimonies of our Savior Jesus Christ and the restored Gospel was strengthened.  While we were there we had the opportunity to hear Elder Anderson from the Quorum of the Twelve speak.  It was a powerful message about the gift and blessings of the Holy Ghost. We loved our experiences there and came to love so many other missionaries.  We were blessed with wonderful teachers and strong, dedicated and prepared couples in our district.

Brother Vance, one of our trainers, Elder and Sister Busby (Canada Toronto Mission), Elder and Sister May (Scotland Ireland Mission), Elder and Sister Aina (Tennessee Nashville Mission) , Elder and Sister Horner (Kenya Nairobi Mission), Brother Barney one of our trainers.

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