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Our spacious home takes most of the space on the bottom floor of this three story building. The rest of the building is the Kisumu Branch Building.  The entry to the Branch is just outside our back door off our dining room.  Just inside the entrance to the Branch Building is the YW room and our laundry room is just off the YW room. The bottom floor also has a kitchen that is rarely used by the branch.  There are also 2 toilet's on this first floor of the church part of the building. We would love to know the history of this amazing building.  Who built this home and who lived here?   There is a full size spacious bathroom including a huge bath tub on the second floor.  At one time it had a working hot water heater in that bathroom.  Glass has been used in various parts of the building.  There are many verandas.  It must have been a work of art when it was built many years ago.  They must have done a lot of entertaining with the big open air area on top that now provides a beautiful chapel for us now.  The second floor has the Primary Room, Nursery, RS Room, Pres Okila's office and the Library.  There are two more bathrooms on this floor.  There are 4 flights of stairs to get to the chapel on the top floor.  It has a beautiful view of the surrounding area.
You will note that this property is gated. This is very common and needed here. 
We have a guard  24/7 to keep watch and open and close the gate 
as we and other church members come and go.
This is Mary, our day guard.  She is here from 6 am to 6 pm.
Morris is here from 6 pm to 6 am.
They are very conscientious!
Mary in uniform.
Changing of the guards.  (Morris and Mary) 
They put their uniforms on after they arrive for work.

This also shows the guard house and car port.
 Mary and Morris use the guard house or the front porch when it rains.
There is a cement bench (bottom left) and a portable chair so they can be in the shade.
Notice the size of the padlock on the front door.
This is how we secure it when we leave.

It has a large padlock on the front door when we leave.

Brother Miruka, our gardener comes 5 mornings each week and 
takes very good care of the plants and trees here. 
He even sweeps off our front porch.
Elder Horner found him in one of the trees giving it the needed care. 
These are pictures of the gardens and our back yard area.  


our backyard


There is a sink in the dining room to wash your hands in.
How is that for being convenient?  
We are thankful for clean drinking water & dispenser! 
We have enjoyed candle light dinners here as our power has been out many different times. 
Who would have thought that we would be enjoying candle light dinner in Kenya?
Kenya believe it????

Our Kitchen has a unique little stove in it.  The top lifts up while cooking.  
The left side is electric and the right side is propane.  
The propane is our choice as we are comfortable using the gas.  
It is small but gets the job done.
The two containers on the counter are for heating water electrically.   

The only source of filtered water in our home comes through the three water filters in the kitchen.  We move the valve on the faucet and an awesome trickle of water comes out.
What a blessing it is to have this!!!

We have two dish drainers.  One is for draining our dishes and the other one is for 
draining our fruits and vegetables after they have been washed in soap and water 
then left to set a  a couple of minutes in the Jix (bleach) solution.
Our food preparation definitely takes longer but we have been blessed to stay healthy!

Our kitchen door opens into the private courtyard where we have our clotheslines.

The power went out again and we were so thankful for the clotheslines!

We washed the mosquito net but
 haven't had to use it yet!
We each have a clothes closet that measures 21 inches wide x 14 inches deep.
It works adequately! 

The only hot water in our flat is literally in the shower head.
It works when we have electricity.
A cold shower is better than no shower! 

The office is just off the dining room.
It has a bed so we can accommodate other couples as they come.

 The laundry room is just off from the YW Room.
The dryer is ventless and collects water in a plastic container that has to be emptied.
We are thankful for these appliances!  We were surprised how long it took for these appliances to run through the cycles when we did laundry the first time.  Elder Horner is so handy at fixing things and was able to rewire the plug so we can run the washer and the dryer at the same time. 
 We are learning!

This is the entrance to the Branch Building.
The windows to the right of the door are the windows in the end of our dining room by our back door entrance to the branch building. The windows to the right of that are in the study.
The windows to the left of the door are in the YW room.

The open air chapel is on the 3rd floor.  
The sacrament table is on the left and the small table to the right is for the keyboard.
Sister Horner is still playing for Sacrament Meeting when we attend the Kisumu Branch.

The view from the chapel is beautiful!  We can see the tops of the temple 
built by people from India.  The surrounding homes are beautiful!

Our baptismal font is in the back yard.
We are looking forward to the day when Elder Horner can fill the font.
Hopefully there will be two baptisms Aug. 10, 2014.

This is our trusty 4 wheel drive truck and 
we are THANKFUL it is a 4 wheel drive.

Keys, keys and more keys!
Most of them are skeleton keys.

This is a picture of one of many of our alarm cocks "I mean clocks"!

Having the picture of our Savior Jesus Christ
and our family pictures  
makes it feel like Home Sweet Home!
 We  feel so blessed to be here 
and have this sweet opportunity to serve our Heavenly Father!

Elder Horner was creative and found a way to add a much needed shower curtain.  YES!!!

A warm shower is wonderful!

These are the instructions for the Electric Shower Head!

This little corner table made it possible 
to use the one and only electrical socket in the kitchen

We rearranged the furniture and moved the couches 
into the study so we have a conversation area.

The extra bedroom works out better in the smaller front room.

The mosquito net has been a blessing for sure!

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