Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Kakamega Aug 2014

 Kakamega Aug 2014

Common sights along the road include businesses 
that make and sell caskets and headstones.
 Some caskets have ornate hardware on them.
 Notice the hearse.
There are lots of shops where they make beds and furniture.
This shows the size of the kiosks along the road.

  Fresh veggies and fruits are available at roadside markets.

The children have fun playing with tires and wheels. 
We often see the children rolling them along the road.

 This group of children have their faces painted and
were singing and making lots of noise.
Some were hitting sticks together.
One little boy (not pictured) looked like a lion with his
grass headdress bouncing as he jumped up and down. 

Notice how their legs are painted as well as their faces.

Elder and Sister Jensen, the public affairs missionaries in Kenya, Tanzania and Malawi 
stayed with us for a couple of days.  

We had the opportunity to visit with some of the public opinion leaders (public officials) 
in Kisumu and get to know them better and talk about the church.

We drove to Kakamega on Saturday where we had the opportunity to 
share the gospel with several investigators.

The Jensen's introduced us to Carolyne and her family that evening and
we had a wonderful experience staying at her home.

The rain poured down in sheets!

We had a beautiful view and sunset!

Leaving for Church Sunday morning.

Precious little girls!

Our little group meets in a room in this guest house building.

Some of the investigators and members at our Sunday Meeting.

Two of our investigators from Saturday came again on Sunday.
This always makes our day to see new and familiar faces as we meet.
We are always strengthened by these humble Saints in these areas where
they are waiting patiently yet SOOO desirous for the gospel to be established.
When the spirit speaks to their hearts they know and feel the truth!
We are thankful to belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
and to serve here in Kenya!

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