Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage
Nairobi, Kenya

This was a fun and fascinating experience.

These hungry little elephants come running to eat.

These "little babies" love their bottles!

The blanket gives them the feeling of being next to their mother.

As soon as they eat, they go for the water hole.

They love rolling and playing in the mud!

Getting out can sometimes be a chore!
This one had a friendly push to help him out.
He just stayed there and rolled in the mud.

We caught this one dusting itself with dirt. 

Even the young elephants are very noisy eaters!
We were cautioned NOT to put our hands in their mouths.
They have very sharp teeth.

This is where the babies stay when they first arrive at the orphanage.
Their caretakers take turns sleeping in the room with them.
It takes a lot of tender loving care and up to 10 years for them
to be adopted back into the wild.

This one filled up on muddy water then sprayed the "lucky" people standing close by.


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