Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mary, Walter and  Kevin's Baptism Day
Sunday October 9, 2014
Kisumu Branch is growing!

Mary is our day guard.  We  have come to love her so much!
She has been learning about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
since she was transferred to work here at the church about 2 years ago.
Throughout this time, many people have taught and influenced Mary.
Our wonderful Sister Missionaries, Sister Odundo and Sister Muduwa 
have been teaching Mary most recently.
Mary committed to baptism and asked Elder Horner to baptize her.
It was wonderful to see her dressed in white!
We were so happy that Mary's sister came to the  baptism and spent the day here.

Elder Horner and Mary

Elder Griffiths, Kevin and Elder Hiltbrand

Walter and Elder Hiltbrand

Our awesome wonderful missionaries and the baptism candidates
Sister Odundo, Kevin, Sister Muduwa, Mary, Elder Hiltbrand,
Walter, Elder Horner and Elder Griffiths.

The Baptismal Font at Kisumu Branch is in our back yard.
This is what is used in the Branches in our mission.

President Okila, our Branch President is pictured here  by the baptismal font with Pastor Dave, 
one of his friends. Our awesome Elders, Elder Hiltbrand and Elder Griffiths are having 
the privilege of teaching Pastor Dave.  We also had the sweet opportunity to teach him one day and feel his sincere desire to know truth. He is an amazing man!

We love this opportunity to serve here and associate with these beautiful Kenyan people!

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