Sunday, October 19, 2014

Masai Village
near Samburu National Reserve

The women of the village greeted us with a welcome song.

We were invited to dance with them.

We enjoyed being with Elder and Sister Anderson.

This is a traditional mud and dung home.

This desert area has not had rain since May.
The newer homes are covered with plastic, cardboard 
or any other material they can find.
They have had to sell most of their cows as there is
not enough pasture to provide for them.

Notice how intricate the wooden frame is put together.
The women have the responsibility to build the homes.

Joseph, the chief, took us inside his home.

The ornate beaded necklaces are very heavy.

This demonstration showed how they build a fire 
using dung and wood.

Joseph explained that this area is called Parliament.
They do not have newspapers or magazines so
someone goes into the nearby town each morning to
get the news.  This area is where the news is shared in the evenings.

This is the chicken pen inside the animal stockade.

Clothing is left to dry on the prickly barrier.

The picture didn't capture this little ones big eyes and smile.
These people are very loving.

We enjoyed our visit to the Masai Village, but
declined their invitation to spend the night.

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