Wednesday, August 6, 2014

We are here two weeks and . . . .

We went to the airport Wed, July 30th to pick up Pres. and Sister Hicken.  President Hicken was planning to do interviews in Eldorette but they could not get on the flight so they changed the interviews to Kisumu and we had the opportunity to host the interviews here and provide lunch for the Elders. It was wonderful to spend some time with Sister Hicken and get to know her better.  We enjoyed visiting with the missionaries and getting acquainted.  They are so full of the spirit!   Our time with the President was the travel time back and forth from the airport and he was teaching us as we traveled.  He is such an inspired man!  We are blessed to serve under his leadership.   We didn’t do a good job of taking pictures because we were too busy enjoying the day.

Our First trip to Busia came about because Elder Horner was responsible to do the audit for the Busia Branch.

We drove up there Friday Aug 1 and took the Busia Elders back to their area.  We have responsibility for this wonderful little branch as well as several other areas that are not big enough to have branches.  It was a beautiful drive to go upcountry near the Uganda border.  We passed by the equator sign.

The ride up was a panorama of lush rolling hill country and all the tropical foliage that goes with it.  We saw a lot of mud homes and thatched roofs.  There are so many people walking, riding bicycles or pushing carts along the side of the road.  

We took the Busia Elders back with us since they had been in Kisumu for interviews with Pres. Hicken and had split up with our Kisumu Elders for a couple of days.  First we saw the outside of the humble church building where they have Sacrament Meeting, RS and SS upstairs.   It was locked and they didn’t have a key to this so we couldn’t go up the stairs.

They took us on a tour of the Church grounds just behind this building.  It is a lovely building with offices, the primary and YSI meeting rooms. 

There are two wash rooms outside that are basically a hole in the cement. 

They are so thankful to have a new water pump installed.  They actually have inside plumbing but many of the people do not know how to use them and they are difficult to keep clean so they generally keep them locked.  Now with the water pump working we were blessed to be able to use the flush toilets. 

Pres. Imende had invited us to his home Friday night.  The missionaries showed us how to get to his home.  We made it and there was room for one vehicle to pull in at his compound where there were 10-12 homes connected together.  We were made to feel so welcome by Pres. and his family.  We loved visiting with him.   The words, “There is beauty all around when there’s love at home” described the feeling there.

As the sun was setting, we expressed our need to leave to get back to our motel room before dark.  That’s when we realized that Sister Imende had prepared dinner for us.  We had no idea!!  Their tiny living room was clean as a pin even though the chickens were running in and out of the room.  We were a bit unsure of doing dinner but Sister Imende said, “This is the African way!”  We were presented with a beautiful meal of rice, stew, cooked cabbage salad and a fried bread that they call chibotti.  She had bottled water and juice for us as well.  It was a very tasty wonderful traditional African meal.  Sister Horner was the only women present at dinner.   

Saturday, while Elder Horner was doing the audit, Sister Horner was going through the Branch Directory with Pres. Imende.  This tiny branch has 11 missionaries serving and 5 preparing to go.  We are absolutely amazed at the STRENGTH OF THE YOUTH here in our area.   Every Saturday the YSI meet at the church.  What a spirit they bring.  It was such a great experience to see these young people come together in an attitude of wanting to learn and desiring to graduate from Institute so they can serve missions.   There was a powerful spirit was in that room!   

Sunday was a wonderful day of getting to know so many of the people.  They have made us feel so welcome!!     
The sister next to Sister Horner is the RS President.
She is an amazing lady with a contagious smile!  Sister Angela, the guard is on the left.

Pres Imende shared his testimony, then invited us to share our testimonies before turning the time to the congregation.  They are wonderful saints with strong testimonies of the gospel.  This branch will be celebrating their 5 year anniversary at the end of the month.  We will be making regular trips to help and support this branch.

Beautiful Busia Sunset!


  1. We are loving these updates and are so glad things are going so well! Thank you for sharing. We love you!

  2. Such a treat to see what life is like for you in Kisumu. We may have been more excited to see your smiling faces! Our love and prayers are with you :)