Sunday, August 31, 2014


Intermountain Farmers Association's counterpart in Kisumu is
Kenya Farmers Association.
We pass by this building regularly and smile as we head up country.

We needed to purchase fertilizer for our garden and had the need to stop and check it out.
Elder Horner felt at home here and they made us feel so welcome! 
It provided another great missionary opportunity!

Familiar Supplies
Some are no longer available in the US.

Familiar Products

Familiar Chemicals

New Feed Sacks
Check out the 154 pound bags.

This is a honey of a picture!
The frames in this hive are totally different from the hives I am familiar with.
It has a single string attached to the hanger board for the bees to build the honey comb on.

Feed and Fertilizer

This picture of the grain bins was taken from the other side of the shore of Lake Victoria.
They are part of a flour mill.

The shelter behind Sister Horner is to hold the animals.

The huts are actually cool inside and have holes for ventilation.

This small structure is also for grain storage.  
It is quite a contrast to the modern grain storage facilities behind Kenya Farmers Association.

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