Saturday, August 16, 2014

First Zone Conf. DRIVE to Eldorette

We had the opportunity to make a most beautiful drive to Eldorette, Thursday Aug 7, 2014.  We had our Kisumu and Busia Elders with us.  It was a great scenic trip.  It was actually a little more scenic than it needed to be.  We drove an hour the wrong direction because our GPS in the back seat wasn’t paying attention.  We couldn’t complain because of the beautiful area we experienced.  The Elders were delayed two hours from their soccer game.  They didn’t complain. 

This is the first camel we have seen here.  
Even though the picture is a blur we had  to put it in.

The other two Senior Couples in our multi zone were away with their families on Safari so we haven’t had the opportunity to meet them yet.  The Anderson’s left their keys with Wilford their guard and we stayed two nights at their lovely home in Eldorette. 

 Elder Horner and Wilford

Pictures of Anderson's lovely home and yard.

Wilford is growing a beautiful garden including using the "Bag Garden" technique.

Thursday evening it was our opportunity to meet the Zone Leaders from Eldorette 
and go visit with the sisters serving there and get acquainted with them.   

We barely made it back to the Anderson’s before dark.  It is an experience going to a new area.  Elder Horner has been blessed to drive safely in this amazingly C R A Z Y traffic!!

Motorbikes (piki pikies), bikes (boda boda's) and pedestrians 
dart in and out and around the vehicles.

Since we were the only one with a vehicle at Zone Conference, it was our 
opportunity to pick up Pres. and Sister Hicken at the airport.  
There plane was a little late but we arrived at 8:00 am just in time for the meeting.   
The AP’s and new sister missionaries coming to Eldorette 
from Sierra Leone were at the airport as well and they took a taxi to the chapel. 
These movable spikes are at the entrance to this airport and others in Kenya.

The Kenya Nairobi Mission is SOOO short on missionaries!  It is almost impossible to get the paperwork and clearances for missionaries to serve here.  
The Lord works in mysterious ways and prayers have been answered for now. 
This certainly is not what any of us would wish for or expect but we have the blessing of having 15 new missionaries come back to their Kenya homeland to finish serving their missions as the Sierra Leone and Liberia Missions have closed down because of the Ebola outbreak. 

These two sisters knew the Seader’s.  It has been amazing to find different connections here.

Elder Eveson has a relative from Heber.

Missionaries attending Zone Conference

What a wonderful opportunity to meet with President and Sister Hicken 
and the other missionaries.
Our Zone Conference was so inspiring!

We returned to Kisumu and had two convert baptisms 
and 3 children of record baptisms on Sunday August 10th.
The baptismal Font is behind the church building.

Sister Horner with Linda, one of the YW.
President Okila is to the left. 

This was a very special weekend for our family! 
Tyler and Aubrey's oldest daughter Kaylee was also baptized
and our new little baby Brelee was given her name and blessing.

Sending Kenya Hugs to our Texas family!!!

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