Sunday, October 19, 2014

A science experiment on
the Equator in Nanyuki, Kenya
Altitude 6,389 feet

This is a great science fair project, however it can ONLY take place on the equator!
 We were able to see for ourselves that water drains clockwise north of the Equator.
We walked 20 meters north of the equator.
Match sticks were placed in a bowl so you could track the water flow and
as the man took his finger from the bottom of the bowl you could also see 
the water spiral downward in a clockwise direction.

We walked 20 meters south of the Equator and saw the exact opposite.
The same bowl was used.
This time the match sticks moved counter clockwise and 
the water spiraled counter clockwise out of the bottom of the  bowl. 

The same bowl was used while
standing directly over the Equator.  The water did not move in the bowl.
The match sticks were still.
It drained straight down without any spiral motion at all.

Nyeri, is located just south of Nanyuki and is the burial place of
Lord Baden-Powell.  Lord Baden-Powell was a writer, founder of the  Scout Movement, Chief Scout and lieutenant-general in the British Army.  He is buried at St. Paul's Cemetery and his grave is one of Kenya's National Monuments.   His gravestone bears a circle with a dot in the center which is the trail sign for "going home." or "I have gone home."
It was his wish to be buried here.

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