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June 22, 1966 - November 30, 2014

These pictures were taken at the 5th Anniversary Party for the Busia Branch 
August 30, 2014.

We enjoyed our very first African Dinner at the Imende Home.
Sister Imende is such a wonderful loving woman!  We had an immediate connection with her!
This was such a memorable evening for us as we visited and enjoyed the wonderful
African food and African Hospitality.
We will always remember Sister Imende saying, "This IS The African Way"!

On December 11, 2014
Sister Robai from the Busia Branch and Sister Horner
had the  sweet opportunity to prepare Sister Imende for burial.
It was very comforting to dress her in temple clothing.

The first viewing followed immediately just outside the mortuary.

This was followed with a viewing and short service
just in front of the family home.

The body was then transported to the Imende family compound 1 1/2 hours away
where about 200 people stayed the night waiting for the funeral the following day.
A special LDS Service in Sister Imende's honor was held that evening.

This bus was hired to drive Busia Branch Members to the Family Compound.

There was seating for 500 people under tents for the funeral service on Dec. 12, 2014.
The first 3 hours of the service was a traditional service and the majority of this
was presented in Swahili.  There was a beautiful song with drums presented.
 President Imende and his children spoke to bring transition to the
concluding LDS service.  Sister Horner was the first speaker.
Other leaders including the past Branch President also spoke. President Chirchir
from the Mission Presidency was the concluding speaker.  He gave a
powerful talk speaking in both Swahilli and English on the Plan of Salvation.

The 4 1/2 hour service was presented in the center area between the tents.

A photographer  was taking random pictures throughout the service.
These pictures were taken at that time.
The viewing took place under a small tent.
Pres. Chirchir is in the center with
Pres. Francis and Pres. Abner  from Busia Branch Presidency on each side.
Elder and Sister Horner & Elder and Sister Anderson are seated behind.

The burial plot is inside the family compound.
This was just before Elder Horner dedicated the grave.
The coffin is covered with beautiful lace.

Iron sheets as they call it are placed over the top of a coffin.
Everyone that wants to throws dirt on top of the iron sheets.

Many crowded around for the burial.

Following the burial there were many people wanting to know more about the 
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
Elder and Sister  Horner kept busy sharing missionary pamphlets and Book of Mormons to
many who had questions following the service. 

The Imende family is a strong family with faith in Jesus Christ and his restored Gospel.
They have felt the power, strength and comfort of the Holy Ghost!


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