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is a common form of transportation.

People dart in and out of traffic.

There are so many close calls like the one below!

Piki Piki's,  Tuk Tuk's, and Matatu's 
are common forms of transportation in Kenya.

These three-wheeled auto rickshaws, or tuk-tuks are used as taxis,
They run on diesel and dart in and out and around everyone and everything.  The name comes from the sound that they make.
We have had to ride in them a few times so far.
Tuk-tuk's navigate through the traffic 
much faster and easier than a regular vehicle.


We have seen as many as 12 people in and 
hanging out of a single tuk-tuk.  They have seats for 6.

They line up hoping to get passengers.

This is a very typical sight at the cross over
very close to where we stay.
This picture fails to show 
flashing lights and the sound of honking horns
that seem to mean they have the right of way.
I'm coming through!!!  NOW!!!!

We have seen just about everything being transported 
on tuk-tuk's.  We wish we could have snapped a picture 
of the full grown cow riding in one.  We are not sure how they 
got it in or out. It looked very content with its head 
sticking out of the window.

Lake Victoria is in the background.

This picture shows someone running 
and jumping into a moving tuk-tuk.
People get in and out of moving vehicles all of the time.

Break-downs are a common sight in Kenya. 
Generally there is no place to pull over.

Some people call them their "Iron Horse."

Many of our branch members arrive at church 
with the help of a hired boda boda.

Boda Boda's are used to transport anything that can be attached.
The jerry cans are so heavy when they are filled with water so
they will generally push their boda's.

Sugar Cane

Animal Feed

This is Coke!
What a balancing act!

Hand Crafted Chairs

We smile at the clever covering on this one.

Big Baskets


Fabric and Blankets

Napia Grass


Free Ride!
This is a very common sight going up hills!

We admire the determination of these people!

What an amazing person!

Piki Piki's
It is not unusual to see 5 people riding on them.
The driver is often sitting over the gas tank.
We captured this picture as they came speeding past.

These piki's are for hire.

They are used to transport so many things!
We have even seen caskets being transported on Piki's.

These chairs are likely going to be used at a wedding or a funeral.


 Yes, this little piggy went to market!

The most popular form of public transport is the matatu, usually a Nisan minibus, which operate on set routes collecting as many passengers as possible in route, with people boarding and disembarking wherever and whenever they choose.  Loud music goes along with the ride in these cheap but unregulated and usually overcrowded vehicles that have become part of Kenyan culture.  
They drive faster than is safe because the faster they go 
the more money they can make in a day. 
Our Elders have counted as many as 32 people in, on, and hanging out of a Matatu.

We were hit from behind by this Matatu.


We continue to be amazed at the things tied on top
of the Matatu's.
They are often the hearse and carry the casket on top. 

Live chicken's are a very common sight as are 
goats, sheep and calves.
How many chickens can you count on top of this matatu?


Carts are found everywhere!  
We are amazed at the strength of these people as
they pull or push their heavy loads, especially up and down hills.

This cart is delivering meat.

Sometimes carts are going with the traffic and at other times
they are coming head on weaving in and through traffic.
This one is carrying water.

Wheelbarrows are a very common sight.



Colorful Buses SPEED down the roads!
They are famous for passing on curves 
or anywhere else they decide to.  
 Many of the buses, tuk-tuk's and matatu's have Christian signs.
                                             Some of the signs we have seen include:
A prayer a day keeps the devil away, Glory to God, Anointed, Redemption, Exodus,
God's Car,  God's Miracle, Jesus is Lord, The Shepherd, Faith, Holy Salvation by Grace,
King Jesus, Lord's Power, God First, Blessings, Glory to God, Jesus Wept, Jehova Our Peace.
In God We Trust, is one we identify with every time we are on the road!
We had to smile at the sign that said, Father Forgive Them.
This reminder helps us out as well!

They are often used to transport people.

Yes, there was blue paint on the side of the 
white truck as it passed us.
This happens all to often!

Foam pads are a big business here.
They can be rolled up and easily moved to sleep on.
These loaded trucks look huge as they drive down the road.

It's amazing how many people can fit on a tractor.

Donkeys are used to carry many things.

Water is a precious commodity! 
The donkeys work hard whether they are carrying 
a load or pulling a load!
Many times there is no one with them 
but they know where they are to go.

They are truly beasts of burden.

The cows pull carts and also plow fields.

We are so thankful for the safety and protection 
we have experienced in our many different travels here!

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